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Now you can sponsor a child at the schools and shelters through OUTREACH VIETNAM child Sponsorship Program. Child Sponsorship Program is one way in which you can help and support by donating to children you do far more than just provide funds, you directly impact a child for better life in the future by under Outreach supervisor. 

Through your contributions you have the ability motivate a child to studies harder to change their future life. Sponsor a child and you will receive up-to-date status on the progress you are helping us make. These are children who are orphaned, abandoned or they are disabled. Due to the severe poverty experienced by families in provinces move to the city, children are unable to afford access to basic or higher education.  

You can help them an opportunity to make a difference today. When you sponsor a child in our projects you are giving to those most urgently in need. These include orphanage children, conflict victim children, and disadvantaged community children from poverty stricken areas. You give hope when you sponsor children for it provided basic education, health support even by school yearly insurance or Stationery, school supplies for the school year (School fee , Health Insurance,  Pens, books, Colors, clothes, teacher , place…This is the key to change their better life.   


  1.  Sponsorship program ( for each shelter)  (Package 1) 

 (In each shelter, we will choose 3-5 students for the reason that we do not have enough money         to sponsor all the children at shelter. Therefore, we will choose for some of them for first step advise from shelter(Support each kids is about 500,000 VND / month * 9 months) 


500,000 vnđ * 5 (students) = 2,500,000 * 9 months = 22,500,000 vnđ / year (5 kids /1 shelter) 

Totally: 22,500,000 vnđ   = 1000 usd    (Each shelter) 


  1. New school sponsored program: ( Package 2) 

A sponsorship program for stationery and school supplies: (Pens, notebooks, paints, school supplies…) Especially, each of them has 02 school uniforms / per year 


Course 1: 

150,000 vnđ * 25 Students = 3,750,000 vnđ / Course ((stationery) 

Course 2:  

150,000 vnđ * 25 Students = 3,750,000 vnđ / Course (stationery)  

School Uniform: (2 for each * 25 kids) 

300,000 vnđ * 25 Kids = 7,500,000 vnđ / year 

Totally: 15,000,000 vnđ  / shelter  = 700 usd  (Each Shelter) 


  1. Medical and health Sponsorship: (Package 3) 

Program As we will sponsor, by buy health insurance according to state regulations for each student for a school year, it is compulsory to buy to ensure their health in case of medical examination or hospital treatment. 


800,000 vnd * 25 students = 20,000,000 vnđ / year  

Totally: 20,000,000 vnđ = 870 usd (Each shelter) 

  1. Sponsor programs for activities places and learn skills: (Package 4) 

A program where Outreach will fund venues and teachers with specialized teaching in each area. 

Funding for hiring teachers, drinking water for students on skill classes such as Computer Class, Self defense skills in teaching life skill education in summer courses. 

Place: 1,000,000 vnđ/ Month * 12 months Available) (Place + Water + Electric + stationery….) 

Teacher: 2,000,000 / Month * 6 Months = 12,000,000 vnd 

Totally: 24,000,000 vnđ  = 1,150 usd (a year)

Teaching languages: Volunteer to teach English , French … other languages you’ll be given an active role in the classroom. You’ll put your valuable skills to use by supporting dreams of students eager to learn kills from teachers like you. Give the kids and students have chance to interactive with foreigners make them more confident when meet foreigner and for future job.

As a teaching volunteer, you work directly with children and inspire them to reach their full potential through creative expression. Through self-expression, children and students can begin to connect and culture exchange and they will see the world in many differences way.

Teaching Computer skills :  Volunteer teaching computer skills through computer class with basic program. For most of us, using Microsoft Word, Excel or other program such as : Photoshop, Power point ….. As a Computer Science Volunteer Teacher, you’ll help open new doors of hope and opportunity through information and communication technologies skills

Outreach child care program is one of the major activities in our integrated community approach, supported by our full time staffs and volunteers.  The aim of the program is to protect the rights of all children in the community by: providing access to a basic, quality education; developing their life skills; and providing access to health services, daily life… Orphans kids and Kids with disabilities in addition to educational support beside that volunteers can also support them in their daily activities, such as eating, drinking or movement or health checkups if necessary. Organize for them to practice self-service and interact with each other.

Medical Care program you will be involved in a variety of hands-on activities such as reviewing patients, taking pulse rates and blood pressure, giving basic counseling, and providing ongoing education on basic public health awareness and hygiene among the local people. You will also have the opportunity to conduct research and public health surveys that will be instrumental in guiding the future direction of the program. Helping for kids , elderly, patients, follow and support nurses…even observer at any departments.

The best way to volunteer is to help people realize the beauty and the kindness of life. We also educate people how to save the earth, planet and create a better world with no war, no inequality, and no society’s vices. We organize many charitable trips and organize festivals throughout the year in combination with kids shelters to bring joy to children and be able to help them in life.

Social, economic and cultural factors exacerbate the situation and illustrate the need for a comprehensive response. Women face domestic violence, often without reporting or violence through organized trafficking. So they need provide additional forms of support and skills in life, especially in rural women who do not have many opportunities to access timely support.

Young people are the future of a country, so training them in the right way is very important. Protecting the environment is important. Our integrated approach of community development will assure the whole community mobility where volunteers / interns of various education and cultural background can exchange their culture freely. Volunteers / interns from overseas also will have opportunity to immerse into Vietnam culture and make friends.

Outreach is seeking environmentally conscious volunteers for its environment awareness volunteer projects. As a volunteer for the Environment Initiative Project you’ll help raise much needed awareness of environmental issues in the rural, underprivileged communities of Vietnam. Help to educate and assist local communities, liaise with local authorities or investigate climate change

So you will be giving back to the community in need while exploring the natural beauty of the country. Volunteer arranging explore the temples, pagoda…. Many destination in the south and north.  All the profit from running, cycling, activities these opportunities is used to support communities. Outreach volunteer is seeking experienced volunteers for its Climate Change and during your time as a volunteer you will be involved in raising awareness and create reports of your findings. Help to educate and assist local communities, liaise with local authorities or investigate climate change through you trip. Visit traditional villages as one of the cultural characteristics of the region. Discover more about the cultural in village of Vietnamese ethnic groups. You can also stay in a homestay and get involved in their work if you feel ready and interested this program.