I decided to volunteer abroad with Outreach Vietnam because I heard good things about the culture, nature and the friendly people.

- Joseph -
This experience has had a big impact on how I look at life, very happy with program and projects.

- Marry -
This has been a recent change for me. I was working at a corporate job in New York for the past two years but this time in HCMC Vietnam is the best experiences.

- Courthney -
Good international volunteers are social, friendly and outgoing. They are motivated because they want to make an social impact.

- Peter and Zoe -
The Outreach dormitory looked very nice and the project seemed really well organized. All my expectations came true, thanks to Outreach.

- Casper -
There are so many holidays and celebrations in HCMC, Vietnam. It was so nice to experience them at school and really get a sense how the local people live. You get to share the happiness of the locals.

- Stephanie -
This experience has had a big impact on how I look at life. I used to be stressful, nervous and worry a lot. Now I know I have nothing to worry about, or to be stressful or nervous about. I have everything I need at home and I appreciate it much more. So because of this, I’m a more happy person, so staffs so was nice and supportive.

- Jennifer -
I loved experiencing other cultures but ultimately wanted to do more than just the short time but very memorized.

- Rachael -
Outreach Vietnam is definitely made me realize that the volunteer industry is an avenue I can see myself working in long-term.

- Kristen -
The kids I met made me fall in love with Vietnam and people.

- Isabella -
I loved those kids so much that our final goodbyes at both the school and orphanage. So meaningful projects.

- Chloe -