• Individual volunteer 

We offer individual international volunteer programs in various fields almost Outreach programs Children’s development, child care, teaching, sponsor, women support, youth, environment… All volunteer and programs are run in selected disadvantaged communities in Vietnam (Outreach projects in the South and North under by Outreach supervisor). Our integrated approach of community development will assure the community mobility where volunteers / interns of various education and cultural exchange with any volunteer background and this such as  some chance for volunteers / interns from overseas also will have an opportunity to immerse into Vietnamese culture and make friends. while learning and improving necessary skills for life in a multicultural environment length of program from 1 week to 6 months even more than that. 

  • Group volunteer 

Group volunteer is based on volunteer program but is for volunteers from a same organization same school or company staffs and normally they come from the same nationality. It’s a bit  different from work- camps volunteer, each group can make the selftime and the duration for their group. The size from 8 – 15 members and stay from1 week – 2 weeks or even longer depend the group decided and we have the local staffs support the team. The work the same individual volunteer program or differences beside some other activity for contribution their value for local projects. 

  • Workcamps volunteer 

Workcamps volunteer program are come from many countries or the same country same school. The university and college Bring from 8 -20 participants join the same volunteer task and the main woks focus more to manual works to helping the local projects are school, shelter make them better place to live. The length from 1 – 2 weeks and local host provided the local volunteers to support them team during workcamps time. The works can be renovation, construction, drawing, paint, build play-ground for kids, community library, water system …

  • Local student volunteer 

Vietnam is the developing countries volunteer and internship is very crucial for the students and the volunteer it is a part of experiences for students and youth for future career.  The university and college have included internship program, social activity on their academic curriculum to halt the theoretical based education system.  

  • Local club & supporter 

Outreach usually have lots of students from national university and join volunteering and interns participating on  various community projects and this is like a chance for them to interact, supportive and make friend with international volunteers during time in Vietnam. So they can share and learn from each other about the languages and culture from around the world. Became Outreach volunteer and support us please fill the online form or download send to us. 

  • Weekend workcamps & Activities 

Outreach also has several volunteer & internship projects designed to achieve the goal of holistic community development approach for student and youth to share and learn to inspire & spirit.  

  • Sending volunteer to Asian and European countries 


  • Internship & Exchange program


  • Short-term & Long-term program 


  • Workcamps program (duration 1 week – 2 weeks) 


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